Southport Golf

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Seniors at Southport Golf Academy

Here at the Leisure Lakes Golf Complex we especially welcome senior golfers. Golf is a game that can be taken up at any age. And we have many senior golfers enjoying the facilities every day. Some of our senior golfers are brand new to the game and others have played golf all their lives. Although the golf course presents a challenge to all golfers, the terrain is relatively flat and the course is not too long. This gives those who are less mobile than they once were an equal chance to enjoy their sport and to play alongside old friends and grandchildren at their leisure. The reduced time it takes to play 9 shorter holes also means that golf can easily fit into the busiest of social calendars!


Free Taster Sessions for Seniors

Call for details regarding our periodic free group taster sessions for seniors at our Golf Academy. Come and give golf a try with absolutely no obligation to join.



If you are a U3A member from any branch and are thinking of taking up golf, please get in touch as we run taster sessions for new U3A members. You do not need any equipment and charges are based on group size - the initial one is free.

This has been one of our most successful initiatives and we now have regular U3A groups who meet and play golf every week. If having tried golf in one of our free taster sessions you decide to take golf up, we offer a series of discounted lessons and fast track membership.


Please call Richie, James or Matt for details.