Southport Golf

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We are proud to introduce our new indoor Performance Centre. 
Sim-Room-One.jpg - 116.53 kB

Our state of the art room means that now golfers can play thousands of courses from all over the world.


For some time now we have prided ourselves on providing golfing facilities for all levels of player, from beginner to experienced, from young to old. Our goal is always to help you improve to the level you wish.


Now we can take things even further, our Performance Centre means we can coach to the highest levels, show and simulate everything about your game to help you improve. We have drastically improved our fitting options - not only as the areas Specialist Wilson Fitting Centre, but Lynx too - and through our new retail structure we can provide all makes of golf equipment.


Sim-Room-Wilson-Fitting-2.jpg - 141.88 kB


But most of all and uniquely the Centre is available for hire by golfers not only to practise but to play!

Yes, we have tens of thousands of Golf Courses that you can come and play from all over the world. Here on the Golf Coast - in the warm and the dry! The room can be hired for £20 per hour which means you can play individually, as a two ball or more sharing the costs.


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Come and look us over soon!