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Junior Membership 2017


Following the long term success of our Coaching Courses and the continued and growing support of them, we have been conscious that it is difficult for juniors to get to play the game on the prestigious courses in the Southport and surrounding area. Although we are lucky to be surrounded by arguably some of the best courses in the country, the quality comes at a premium meaning accessibility is compromised due to expense and course difficulty. Understandably too, golf clubs are reluctant to allow inexperienced or beginner golfers full and unrestricted access to a course that is probably too difficult and without knowledge of the correct etiquette and behaviour required. Here at Southport Golf Academy we pride ourselves on taking beginner golfers and imparting not only the technical knowledge required but the values and behavioural aspects expected to play the game.

Our junior membership has been designed to not only allow golf to be played in an inexpensive format on a shorter and more manageable course, but to ‘fill in the gaps’ that are the difference between being able to hit a golf ball and being a golf club member.

Links have been made with golf clubs in the area to deliver an easier and more progressive pathway from beginner to successful club member. Joining a golf club can be an extremely daunting thing to do, especially when inexperienced in the game, but through our membership scheme our juniors are prepared for later stages in their golfing life in a relaxed and fun environment. Of course then, when their ambition and ability requires new challenges, membership application to one of our partner courses can be made easier.


Membership Qualification

The Junior Applicant must be aged between 6 years (at time of application) and up to 14 years (to 15th birthday at the time of application).

Intermediate membership for players between 15 and 19 is available. Please call for details.

Applicants must have either :-

undertaken at least two 6 week courses of tuition at SGA, following which the application must be approved by SGA Coaches. Approval will be based on a range of criteria, and not just the playing ability to handle the course but behaviour, manners, and golf game understanding.


OR       be introduced to SGA from other courses. The application will be considered based on previous levels of coaching and playing experience either at SGA or other courses, in some cases the introduction will need to be accompanied by a reference.


OR        be recommended by other PGA Coaches and following an informal assessment by the SGA Coaches.


Package of Membership


  • Price £135 per year from date of acceptance - inclusive of a minimum 16 Club Nights


  • CLUB NIGHTS will be on Wednesday evenings between 6.00pm and 8.00pm during term time from early April to September – these will  include a supervised round of golf with PGA Coaches on hand and golf related activities. Juniors will have exclusive use of the Members Room on Club Nights. Attendance is optional and may be limited.
  • No reduction for non-attendance at Clubs Nights. Dates will be published at the start of each Club Night season.
  • Each Sunday throughout late Spring, Summer and Autumn, excluding Bank Holiday weekends only, there will be a Junior 9 Hole Order of Merit Medal Competition at 2pm (entry fee £2.50).
  • Summer and Winter matchplay leagues.
  • Junior Members who are approved will be permitted to play the course without supervision subject to the normal tee time booking system and always with at least one playing partner unless approved by the Pro Shop.
  • Players under the age of 14 who are not members will continue to pay full Junior rates (currently £6.50 Weekdays and £7.50 at weekends.) and require supervision of a player over the age of 18.
  • All Junior Membership will be subject to the SGA normal Terms and Conditions policy and acceptance is subject to an understanding of them.



membership Application Forms can be downloaded from this link - or please call at the Pro Shop for more information.



We believe this initiative will really help our juniors to develop their game and experience competition in a structured way. Speak initially to Richard Carpenter or any of our staff about Memberships, Junior activities or drop an E Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..