Southport Golf

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Junior Competition

We feel that it is vital for our junior section to experience, when ready, a competitive edge to their golf. More importantly than the fact that competitive golf is necessary to maintain an active handicap, it gives the juniors the chance to put into practice the rules and etiquette that they are informed about during lessons and club nights. Of course as junior members there are no pressures to play competitions, but the improvement not only technically but behaviorally that occurs through playing regular competition is clear to see.


The weekly Stableford events give the juniors and coaching staff the opportunity to identify weaker points of their game on a regular basis so provide great feedback from which lessons can be better tailored to individuals. With almost direct supervision for every group and the ability on a smaller course to virtually see all groups from one point, it allows even the youngest of our junior section to play without the worries of safety.


With the introduction of a Winter match-play league, our juniors now have the opportunity to play competitive golf throughout the year. Playing a different format is obviously beneficial in terms of golfing experience and knowledge, but the opportunity to play meaningful competition throughout the colder months, instead of forgetting golf and starting again in the Spring is a huge asset.


Weekly medal events take place at 2pm every Sunday and are open to any junior member wishing to take part. Please see our members website here for details of current Order of Merit and Winter League standings.


Our member’s website also has details of other events that run periodically for our junior section. Regular parent and child competitions give adults the chance to see how their juniors are progressing. Our end of season prize evening allows the presentation of the year long order of merit prize and awards for all other competitions throughout the year. Also awarded at this time is the ‘Professionals Prize’ to the golfer who we feel, along with feedback from the junior organisers, has presented themselves in the most professional manner over the season. This means that even though a child may not have won the playing prize, there is recognition for sportsmanship, etiquette, presentation and improvement.


Other events that appear on the calendar are Halloween Night Golf (glow sticks and head torches), the Christmas themed family competition and much more. All details are available on the member’s site.