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Ladies Golf Coaching

We aim to make learning golf at Southport Golf Academy a fun experience, in a friendly and a relaxed environment. We have a fantastic reputation of being one of the leading facilities for learning in the North West.

Golf offers so many benefits like the challenge of learning a new skill, developing new friendships and improving fitness levels. We are conscious that people’s leisure and family time are gradually being reduced, and golf offers a perfect solution to both. Golf can provide that leisure time and can be enjoyed by the whole family, and here at Southport Golf Academy we have the perfect facility to bring the family together. It is also a great game for individuals looking to maybe make new friends or just simply enjoy a hobby in the great outdoors.

Whatever your reasons for starting the game we feel we have the ideal packages to help you on your way, and have developed a pathway that takes you from beginner to competent golfer, and from the range to the course.

You don’t need to be a member or require any of your own equipment as we can provide all the necessary equipment you will need to learn. 


This pathway is designed to help take away all those initial worries and fears that come with learning a new skill. It can be very daunting to start a new challenge, even for those who have had a go before, stepping out on the course for the first time, or even joining a club can appear to be very intimidating. We have structured this program to help alleviate some of these fears and make your journey a more enjoyable and relaxed one.

The Program

Initial “Get in to Golf” lessons 5 x 1/2hr group lessons     £25.00

Individual ½ hr lessons £20 or 6 for £100

9-Hole playing lessons   £40

Course management and basics rules & etiquette £30


New Membership of SGA Golf Club (including 2 playing lessons with the professional)

5 day membership   £349.00

5 day seniors membership £329.00

7 day membership £389.00

7 day senior membership £369.00

Weekend membership Play £265.00

                    from 3.30pm on Friday till close on Sunday


The program is structured in a way that allows you to develop your game, but also your knowledge to help make the transmission into a full size golf club that little bit easier. Sometimes it can be that your game is good enough but it’s all the other little bits that can make you feel a little out of place, and entering all the different types of competitions seem a long way off. We take you through each stage and step in such a way that you feel totally at ease, and make that learning process an enjoyable experience.

The first 12 months are crucial in the development of a player, as it is within this period that the first muscle memories are developed, so getting them right helps speed up the development of your game as fewer bad habits are learnt. So many people are put off from the game by either learning the wrong things or just getting out on the course too soon. We tailor our coaching to the specific requirements of each individual.

Ladies Golf Coaching for existing players

We offer coaching sessions for those ladies who already play but just require a little bit of help with certain aspects of the game. These sessions are purely designed to work on the areas of the game, or swing that you require help with. You decide on what you want to work on and we put together the program that makes you achieve your goals.

Individual ½ hr lessons £20, or a course of 6 x ½ hrs for £100

(These sessions include video analysis and also on- course time.)


Golf Clinics

Our golf clinics run throughout the year and are targeted to certain aspects of the game, and are designed to help develop your technique and knowledge at the same time as meeting new people and enjoying a coffee and a cake as a reward for your hard work. The clinics are generally 1 ½ hrs in duration and all equipment is provided if required.

The following topics are covered:

Basic set-up, Swing fundamentals, playing from fairways and rough, pitching & chipping, putting, bunker play, course management, rules and etiquettes, competitions and scorecard admin, and shot shaping & shot selection.

The groups are min of 4 and maximum of 8 people, at a cost of £10 per person per session.



Please note that it is essential to book your place as spaces are limited and are very popular.


Dates are displayed in the Pro Shop or call for what you are looking for.


 Also check out dates see  for more courses make sure you  check the area for 15 miles and put in PR4 6JX in the search box!!! For some reason the Royal Mail think we are in Lytham and not close to Southport!!