Southport Golf

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The Latest Coaching Technology


Filmed analysis can be an invaluable tool in the development and understanding of the golf swing. It allows the user to analyse every minute detail and movement within their swing, or simply identify a fault by looking at the swing as a whole. The software we use also incorporates a large number of technical models from the world’s best golfers, allowing us to compare swings with those such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, or Lee Westwood.


Our filmed analysis is performed using an iPad, slow motion cameras, making it completely mobile. But in addition our new indoor Performance Centre allows full and detailed review and instruction and well as Club Fitting advice. This means that the video footage is no longer limited to the range, allowing lessons on short game, putting and on course play to be more in depth than ever before. The systems used also allow movie coverage to be sent directly to your iPhone or email for analysis even after your lesson.


This service is provided as part of the lesson cost and is used when needed by all of our professionals. Book a lesson today to see how well you match up to the best!